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Advantages of Using a Licensed Process Server in NY


1...Process servers generally know the proper manner of service and will likely serve your Court documents correctly. If you ask a "friend" or relative to serve your Court documents, you may put your legal case at risk for anything can happen. Unless your friend is an attorney with process service knowledge or a licensed process server there is a high possibility that you will only obtain improper service of process from someone who does not know the process serving rules in New York City.

2...The payment you give a process server in consideration for serving the opposite party may be added to the legal litigation costs and, consequently, be reclaimed if you prevail in Court.

3...A process server can deliver court papers by mail or hand them in person to the opposite litigant.  In many ways receiving papers directly from a process server may help you avoid additional trouble because you will not have to confront the defendant in the first stages of your lawsuit.

4...Having a process server deliver the court papers in person saves time. Process servers' main line of work is serving process therefore they are more likely to spend time doing the job of serving your legal documents.

5...If the defendant sees a process server it is more likely that she will take your lawsuit more seriously. The formality of serving legal papers through a licensed process server gives you an advantage.

6...Some court papers (Family Court visitation summons and petition, for example) must be delivered personally. Don't expect the Court to accept service by mail in most cases.

7...A process server is more likely to prevail in a traverse hearing. If service is challenged by the defendant, a hearing where the process server will document the manner of service -and what transpired during service- may be ordered. Process servers are more prepared to deal with traverse hearing issues. Process servers charge hourly fees to appear in Court  for traverse hearings.

8...A process server is probably the first human face your opponent will see after you decide to file a claim or lawsuit against him/her.
Most courts in United States require that you do not get involved in serving the documents yourself; therefore leaving the job to a process server may give you additional peace of mind and security.

9...The travel expenses associated with serving a litigant are sometimes higher than the cost of hiring a local process server. For example, to serve a paper in New York City we charge $110.00, no matter where you are; but if send someone from Florida to serve your papers in New York the trip may cost you more than $1595.00 considering transportation, hotel and other logistics. So hiring the process server in that case might end up
saving you at least $1400.00 dollars, plus you get the peace of mind that your papers will be served professionally. Additionally using other methods for process service, such as service by publication may also be too expensive in New York, with newspapers charging more than $800.00 for publication of a summons.

10...A process server is a professional who knows how to effect service of process and who has a dedicated computer application, log books, and filing systems for registering process service jobs and for issuing the required affidavits of service.

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