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New York Process Service
privacy policy, service terms and company information.


Why We Request Information and How We Use It.

We may request credit card information from you in order to charge your account for a service you agreed to pay and
received. But we never request credit card information over the phone or by mail. All credit card and ATM card
transactions are securely managed by PayPal , our payment processing partners, over the Internet using encrypted
secure pages.

Like most process servers, we do not disclose the identity and personal information of  our process servers in order to
protect their safety. However, this information is available to you if you need to check credentials or if you need them to
testify in court proceedings in New York..

We may provide your contact number to third parties if...

Under a few circumstances, we may provide your email address, physical address, telephone number and general
case information to third parties if we believe said third parties can help you with your case. For example, if you need
service of process in Montauk, NY  and we do not serve said area, we may refer your case to a process server who does.
We will not ask you permission to give your contact information to said type of third parties.


Your Data and Personal Information Will Be Protected at All Times.

We believe that your personal information should be safeguarded at all times and under all circumstances. We have
physical, electronic and personalized controls to ensure that your information is secure. All the information we collect is
protected in the best possible way. We restrict access to specific staff , we destroy redundant data periodically , we keep
physical files under lock and we do not allow unauthorized users intervene our computerized files. If you have questions
or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us at the address and telephones above.

After One Year Your File May Be Deleted.

We reserve the right to delete all data regarding you, your file and service of process information  one year after service of
process was effected. Also the corresponding physical files may be destroyed in order to protect your personal data.

We Charge Additional Fees for Duplicate Affidavits and Reconstructed Files.

We reserve the right to charge additional fee for restoring files, issuing duplicate affidavits or reconstructing files two
weeks after we have provided the affidavits of service to you..

Refund and Return Policy

We will refund your payment if, after you provided Recipient's correct address, we failed to serve your documents. To be
eligible for a refund, you must make your request by email or by regular mail within 30 days from the day you made your
payment. No refunds will be issued after 30 days. No refunds will be issued if we are required to produce process service
attempts documentation.

Incorrect Address -No Refunds.

We make no guarantee as for the exact date and location service will be effected but we will do every reasonable effort to
serve process timely at the best location. If you provide an incorrect address, no refunds will be issued but you will be
given a second chance to obtain a correct address. The new correct address must be in New York City or in an area we
control. We will not charge additional fees for a second attempt at a corrected address.

Sometimes It Is Not Possible to Serve Process.

For all purposes, personal service of documents is guaranteed except under certain conditions. For instance, sometimes
an incorrect address, evasion of service, inclement weather, etc., may preclude the process server from doing his/her
job. However, we promise that we will make at  least three attempts for each address to serve personally. If we cannot
serve in person we will serve on a third party or by "nail and mail" (Affixing the papers at Defendant's address) unless
expressly instructed otherwise. Upon a successful completion of our task, we will notify you by telephone or by email.

We May Deny Service If...

We reserve the right to deny you service under certain circumstances; for example, if we suspect you are filing a frivolous
lawsuit, using intimidation, filing to harass, or if we believe our process servers will be in danger by attempting service, etc.
We will deny you service if you do not allow us to follow generally accepted practices for service of process in New York or
if your service implies any violation of the New York process service rules or any violation of municipal laws or  New York
State or United States laws, such as, but not limited to, trespassing, harassment, tampering, illegal surveillance, etc.

Late Fees and Other Surcharges

If you are over 30 days late with your payment we will charge a late fee of $35.00 . If your check is returned we will charge a
$35  returned check fee. We reserve the right to close your account if you are past due with your payment or if you
consistently pay late. For accounts over 60 days late, we will charge a $35.00 late fee and refer you to a collection agency.

Exceptions Applied to Lawyers, Established Corporations and Legal Firms.    

Prepayment is generally required from all clients, including legal firms, established business corporations or individual
attorneys unless they have formally established an account with us and said account  is in good standing.  For all others
prepayment is required and  it is at our discretion to make exceptions. These exceptions are generally applied to repeat
clients. You must understand that we do not provide service if you do not make the payment for that service in advance.

We may not issue proof of service if you did not pay for service of process, unless you have an account with us.

New York Process Service Address and Telephone Number.
If you have questions or if you need to send a request or complaint, please send your correspondence to:
New York Process Service
54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F

Brooklyn, NY 11212

Our main telephone number is 718-277-2968 and live help is available from 08:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m., Mon-Fri. All other
times, please leave a message and we will get back to you during business hours.

Our main email address is  You may email us at any time and it is very likely that your
questions or concerns will be addressed even during non-business hours if you use this method to communicate with us.

Your Data and Personal Information Will Be Protected at All Times.


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