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We have served process for attorneys and the general public from United States and from all over the World.

  • "You are the best process server in NY I’ve worked with! Thank you", Mai Suzuki, Boren, Osher & Luftman,
    LLP, Los Angeles, CA.

  •  "You guys are awesome, thanks so much for your help with this matter!  I will no doubt be using you again
    in the future when I will need to serve her with papers for not letting me see my son." Tom, NY.  

  • "JS and his entire team at Superior Services JD, Inc. are top notch in quality of service and communication. They are my go-to for all my service of process and related needs within the City of New York. I recommend them without hesitation.", Law Offices of Joseph Yau, PLLC, New York, NY,

  • "Thank you for your service - you have helped me to handle a very difficult situation. I appreciate being able to do this by email/ fax and will recommend your company. The court was less than helpful and maybe... Kind regards", Greta, Long Island, NY

  • "Thank you very much for your diligent work on the service of our Summons in NYC.  I will be sure engage and recommend you to my colleagues for any
    service/investigative work in your area. Thanks again for your attention to this matter.", Caroline Hayes, IL.,

  • "You are the best process server in NY I’ve worked with! Thank you", Mai Suzuki, Boren, Osher & Luftman,
    LLP, Los Angeles, CA

  • "You guys are awesome, thanks so much for your help with this matter!  I will no doubt be using you again
    in the future when I will need to serve her with papers for not letting me see my son." Tom, NY.

  •  "Thank you so much ... Your service is excellent. I sure will spread around your good service to all my
    friends who need this service. Take care. Best Regards", Jaclyn C.

  • "Thank you so much for your speedy and professional service. Your communication throughout the  process
    was wonderful, and dealing with your company has taken a great deal of stress out of what has been a very
    trying ordeal. I had tried to get the police to serve my papers a few times with little success, plus it took a lot
    of my time (especially since my respondent lives in a different borough).  Your company is quick, inexpensive
    and easy to use. Hopefully I will not need to go to court  again, but if I do, I will definitely use Superior Services JD again, and will also recommend you to anyone I know who needs to have court papers served. Thank you again" , E. D., New York, NY".


  • "You are the best!!! Thanks for effecting service of my child support order on my ex", Tina L., NY


  • "I am using you one more time because I loved the way you cared about my case and the speed of delivery.
    Thanks a lot. Please serve these papers on...", Margaret C., TX   


  • "Thanks for delivering the child visitation summons", John M., NY


  • "I greatly appreciate your numerous attempts to serve her.  I am highly impressed by your professionalism,
    your tenacity and your diligence and will of course use your firm again in the future if I ever have need.
    Thank you again for your time and I look forward to receiving your affidavit.", Russel Davis Moore of the
    Law Offices of Russel  Davis Moore, P.C. , GA,


  • "As an attorney I have tried and tested several New York process servers. I am  demanding but I am
    keeping you because you really deliver and your service is fast", Kevin M., NY.


  • "WOW you are amazing! We thought we could never get him in person!Great job:)"   Soraya Sadeghi, Esq.,


  • "Hope all is well. My tenants Michael and Louise have  since been doing their best to pay rent on time.

      Serving the letter surely gave them a much needed 

      reality check :-) I thank you for your service!",
      Brooklyn, NY Landlord.

  • "Congratulation. Good work. Hurray etc. etc. Thanks for your efforts", C.F., Esq., TX


  • "THANK YOU very much, thank you for letting me know and for your services: I am highly recommending you to
    others and my lawyer! Immediate fast response - I can't thank you enough" , B. M., N.Y.


  • " I really appreciate you keeping me up to date and informed, its really good business for such a sensitive
    matter. Please send this note onto your boss, I am really grateful for your support", P. R., Bronx, NY.


  • "Once again I would like to thank you for your quick and professional service and assistance against my
    ex- girlfriend", Officer D.F., US Navy.


  •  "I just received the service of affidavit today via postal  

         mail. Thank you! This is the second time I used your 

        service and am very pleased. Thank You for your  

        professionalism.", Vincent Molino, PA..

  • "Thank you so much for helping get this taken care of  

       in  a timely fashion. Your company is very good and if I

       ever need to serve someone again I will definitely

       use your service", L. H. Port Chester, NY.

  • "Thus, it is with sadness and gratitude that I thank you again. I will rely on your services in the future when

       those who are reluctant to testify, if it comes to that

       point, need to be summoned to court by subpoena",
       Bruce Mayer, NY.


  •  "I am in receipt of your letter and Affidavit of Service.  I am very impressed with the efficiency and quality of
    your service.  I will definitely use you again if the need arises and will recommend you as well.  What areas of
    New York do you cover? Job well done!  Have a great day! Thank you", Lisa R. Parker, Shutts & Bowen, LLP, Miami, FL.


  •  "Received sir. Excellent work. The information  

         provided is very thorough compared to other process

        servers I’ve worked with...I will definitely use your

        service in the future should I have future need for

        service in New York. If you’d like a good reference or

        review please direct me to the proper place", Tony

        Frank, Esq., Corporate Legal Counsel, Saint Charles,


  • "I want to say Thank you again. And Thank you for  

        your patience (I made a lot of questions). I do not  

        remember if I told you .. so I will like to say it again ... I

        was granted with the Marshal for the service...then I
        was informed that the Marshal could not do the

        service... Because of that, it took  me a lot of time to
        hire you. I hired you because you were the one who

        best answered my question (that made the difference).
        If I need another service, I will call you. Thank you

        again ", D. P. and Family, Brazil.

Licensed and bonded process server for The City of New York. Official Process Server License # 2067123.

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"YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" "You Guys Rock!!!!!! Thanks so Much!!! Once again I send you a difficult service, and you guys manage to get it done !!!!",

 Tammi, Virginia

Lorena Duarte12.jpg

"It has been a pleasure working with you.  I appreciate your time and attention and consistent professionalism. If we ever need a process server again in the metropolitan area, I will be sure to contact you", D. C., Pennsylvania

DC, Pennsylvania


"I love you, guys !! Great work.! Your company is First Class"

Tonya, California

Licensed New York Process Servers

  We serve your court documents in Queens, Manhattan, Bronx,  Staten Island, and Brooklyn within 2-5 business days

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