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Kings County Supreme Court Legal Referrals
and Services

Brooklyn Bar Association                                      718-624-0675
Volunteer Lawyers Project                                     718-624-3894
Battered Women's Help line                                  718-624-7700

SHIELD Project                                                      212-626-7383
Legal Information Line                                            

New York Legal Assistance Group                     212-750-0800

Legal Referral Service                                       212-626-7373

New York Lawyers Association                          212-382-6612

Sanctuary for Families                                          212-349-6009
Legal representation for victims of domestic violence

South Brooklyn Legal Services                            718-237-5563
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 Noon-01:00P.M.

Legal Aid Society                                                     718-422-2838
Second and fourth Wednesday of every month

Brooklyn Legal Services                                       718-487-1300
Family Law Cases involving HIV/AIDS
Domestic Violence                                                 718-487-4073             

Special Need Information & Referral Servs.    800-522-4369

Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities      212-788-2830

Brooklyn Center for the Independent              718-998-3000
and the Disabled

Lighthouse International for the Blind                800-829-0500
111 East 59th Street
New York, NY

Safe Horizon                                                        800-621-4673
NYC Domestic Violence Hotline

Office for the Self Represented                           347-296-1740.

LIFT-Family Court Justice for All                           212-343-1122.

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