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New York Process Service
Get your court papers served by our licensed process servers in New York City if you have a: 
  •  Summons in a Civil Action

  •  Summons and Petition for Visitation

  •  Order of Protection or Restraining Order

  •  Summons with Endorsed Complaint

  •  Summons Support and Petition for Child Support

  •  Subpoena for Records and Subpoena to Testify

  •  Thirty Day Notice Terminating Tenancy

  •  Notice of Petition Hold Over and Petition Hold Over

  •  Notice of Petition Non-Payment and Petition Non-Payment

  •  Court Order or Court Decision

  •  Spouse Support Summons and Petition for Spouse Support

  •  Demand Letter

  •  Notice to Quit

  •  Notice to Tenant or Rent Demand

  •  Judgment

  •  Citation or Summons

  •  Notice of Claim and Order to Appear in Court

  •  Writ of Summons

We serve all kinds of documents from:

  • Supreme Court of the State of New York

  • Family Court of the State of New York

  • Civil Court of the City of New York

  • Surrogate's Court of the State of New York

  • United States District Court

  • Small Claims Court

  • New York State Surrogate's Court

  • New York State Court of Claims

  • New York Court of Appeals

  • New York State Department of Labor

  • International Courts

  • Superior Court of the State of California

  • Judicial Circuit State of Florida

  • Other Out-of-State Courts                           


New York Process Service


Thanks for requesting information regarding process service in New York City.

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Thanks for requesting information about service of process in New York City

Licensed New York Process Servers

  We serve your court documents in Queens, Manhattan, Bronx,  Staten Island, and Brooklyn within 2-5 business days

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